Most dramatic of all the Pacific Islands!!!
Douglass Baglin, Islands of Australia, 1970
About the Editors
The editors of SOUTH PACIFIC PINNACLE - An Exporation of Balls Pyramid have both climbed Balls Pyramid and have a strong outdoor as well as writing background.
  1. Jim Smith
    The Editor Jim Smith spent his childhood in Western Sydney where he gained a love of nature. After being encouraged to take up rockclimbing by a local scoutmaster, he developed his climbing skills in the Blue Mountains, Warrumbungles and Mount Arapiles. After graduating from Sydney University in zoology, he joined the 1969 expedition to Balls Pyramid and then held research positions in the CSIRO and at the Universities of Queensland and Sydney. This was followed by 20 years teaching in TAFE before he resigned to carry out research in the fields of history and indigenous studies, eventually gaining a Masters and Doctorate degrees. Jim has lived for over 40 years at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains and has written 17 books about the area. He hopes one day to walk on Balls Pyramid again.
  2. Keith Bell
    Keith Bell spent most of his early life in Ryde (A Western suburb of Sydney), exploring the bush of nearby Buffalo Creek and climbing trees in Ryde Park on the way home from school. After joining the scouts, he was introduced to rockclimbing in 1962. Notable bushwalks he completed in the mid-1960s included a traverse of the Eastern Arthur Range in Tasmania and the Kokoda Trail, New Guinea. Rockclimbing trips in the Blue Mountains and Warrumbungles were followed by the third successful ascent of Balls Pyramid in 1970. He then spent two years climbing in Britain, the European Alps and Africa before returning for another ascent of Balls Pyramid in 1973. He then headed across to North America and went climbing in such areas as Yosemite, Sierra Nevadas, Cascades, Rocky Mountains, The Grand Teton and Devils Tower. For the 30 years prior to his retirement in 2010 he worked as a high school teacher. At 70, he still climbs regularly and hopes to do one more ascent of Balls Pyramid.
"Ball's Pyramid,  fantastic peak of sheer rock which rises vertically from the ocean depths near Lord Howe Island (off Eastern Australia). Remnant of an ancient volcano, MOST DRAMATIC OF ALL THE PACIFIC ISLANDS."
Douglass Baglin, Islands of Australia, 1970